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So far so good

I am so happy that the forums are going well. Sister Heather has been a great help by inviting people, and helping with content. It will be nice to get to know all the members.

I had a dream last night, somehow amidst waking to my 6 month old son, off and on all night.

I dreamt I had a planter.The long rectangular type one uses along a patio railing. It was sitting on my patio and it was full of worms. I didn’t want to touch them, but I knew they would be good for the garden. I asked my Gardening Guru friend Shannon if she could relocate them to the soil in the garden. She said she would, but she was busy at the moment.

So I went to have a closer look and I realized that it was actually a mother snake, and the worms were baby snakes, but they looked like worms. She was quite pretty, but was faded, as she had been hidden from the light, buried in the small planter box instead of out in the garden.

The phrase “when I was a worm…” kept coming to me in the dream. (taken, I think, from a Marilyn Manson song)

It was an odd dream.

Snakes represent wisdom. What I thought were just little lowly worms were actually in the process of becoming snakes. And the mother snake was caring for them all… which in the real world, mother snakes lay eggs and away they go. Not looking back.

Because she was caring for them all, awaiting for them to turn into snakes too, she was faded and hidden. Then out she came.

Another part of the dream was that I picked her up and held her. She turned into a cat for some reason, and when I took her out to the sun, she got frightened and turned back into a snake and slithered away.  Hmmm… a bit of a random dream, but I thought I would post it anyhow.

The Feast of Mary Magdalene is approaching. I have never celebrated it. When I have stated I am new to this path, I was not kidding. I know of no one that will be celebrating it near by and am wondering what I can do on my own, well, I will not be on my own entirely. I will be here with five children aged 6 months -20 years old. So it also will not be very possible for me to create a sacred space. If anyone reads this and has any ideas, feel free to post them!

Well, I have a toddler that is refusing to nap, so I best be going.

In Love & Light,