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Called Home

In the beginning I was in the center of the One who loved me.
Then my birth brought me into a world of wonder.
As a child, I loved to play.
So, as many good children do… I pushed limits and wanted to do things my own way. I did not want to come in when I was called.
I played, I got dirty.
I got lost .
I travelled aimlessly. Time passed, and I was frightened.
I thought I could hear my name being called… but it was faint and I wasn’t sure where it was coming from. So I wandered about. Places would look familiar and then I would realize that rather than a familiarity because I was going in the right direction, the sameness was because I was going in circles.
After some time, I found comfort in my circling. I even bedded down and called it home. I was tired of looking for my way back, and in all honesty… by that time, I was beginning to forget what home was.
I adjusted . I ate. I slept, I even met with others . Life went on. Eventually I was oblivious to my origin.
Then, one day, when the trees danced, I heard the call. It was beautiful. I immediately remembered that I was meant to be somewhere. Someone loved me. I was lost.
The voice carried in the wind. Guiding me.
Into open arms I ran. My heart full and my being wrapped in perfect happiness.
I am so glad that I heard the call to return home.


God is Love
Pleasure we gain from riches and monetary gain is not love. It is a false love. False Love=False God.
God is Love.
When we love one another, we magnify this.
When we magnify this, it strengthens the universal love. It builds it up. Like an energy source.
When we build up this energy source there is more love in this world. More God in this world.
Prayer, song, dance – all of these serve as ways to directly send energy to the Divine.
This in turn makes us stronger as well because the Divine resides within us.
Reliving the myths through images and sacraments are a way of uniting our spiritual self with our physical self.
We are all connected Thru and BY the Divine.

I went for a walk today.
It was not an adventure perhaps today, but it was an experience.
I was walking with the boys in their double stroller, and the sky was,not particularly sunny today… the breeze was blowing the trees, the temperature was just perfect.
I was overwhelmed with the beauty of it all, and then, as I walked under a horse chestnut tree, full in bloom, the wind blew the leaves and they made that sound… the sound that trees make when they dance in the wind. In that moment, I felt like God was speaking to me. In a voice that was not a voice.
Things suddenly were different. More clear. Like when you finally break down and lift that protective film off of your cellphone and you see how bright and clear the screen is. A veil had flickered and I saw the beauty that is God. Right there. Real.
The rest of the walk was somewhat surreal.
Off and on , here and there throughout my life I’ve had those feelings. It was an experience like that once, when watching the sun sink behind the mountains, trailing shadows behind, that made me realize it was time to reconnect with the Divine, because the Divine was manifesting itself to me.
I love God. So very much.

upon further reflection this evening… I think what I saw, and what I have seen, is that Spark. It was a tiny small part of God that was nonetheless SO amazing that for that moment, and off and on since then this day, I have had a feeling of … I’m not sure. Almost like feeling as though I am in a movie. Not the whole time, but just little flashes here and there.