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Prayer to Mater Amabilis

Mater Amabilis, in garments of splendour
Drenched in the beauty that is the Light
Who as Sophia spread the seeds of the Divine Spark
That we may never be forced to dwell in darknessā€¦
We need only to seek the Light
And to open our hearts.
Blessed is the Logos
Who was there in the beginning
His loving embrace would
Guide our Mother home.
May we open ourselves to his Truth ,
Illuminated by the Stars of the Sea of Remembrance
That all will be revealed.

Prayer for the Grieving

Oh Divine One,
Name most Sacred,
May the Love of those with dear ones lost
Be strong.
May the pain of their grief be lessened
With the knowledge that those whom they hold,
Dear to their Heart
Are there.
Sustained through memory,
Nurtured by their thoughts.
Connected now and forever by your Divine Spark
That unites us all.


Prayer to Sophia

Holy Sophia, Mighty Mother of us All,
Bringer of Blessed Abundance
Queen of Heaven,
Of Holy Wisdom,
Oh Fallen One ~ Soul of the World
Grant me the Grace and the Dignity to walk
In the Path of the Light, Head held high
Bestow upon me the Gift of Gnosis
Of Inner Knowing.
So that I may find my way Home.