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New at Spiral Inward’s Gnostic Cafe

We are pleased to announce Miguel( Abraxas) , host of Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio show as a new member on the board. Please check out his site .

“Still the first and only ever weekly radio show on Gnosticism, Ancient Religion and the Occult. An approachable, comprehensive, and affable discussion about the impact of the world’s favorite yet least known Heretics, The Gnostics, and their Brethren in the Esoterica”

These past few weeks have been busy at Spiral Inward’s Cafe. Our site was down for a frighteningly long time, just about the same time that we received many new members. I am sad to say that The Palm Tree Garden Forum has closed down, and although we are thrilled to have so many new people at the Cafe with us, we are sad to see it go. The Palm Tree Garden housed a wealth of information. Best wishes to everyone involved with the PTG who made  it the fantastic board that it was.

I also want to share the link to the site of a fantastic artisan, Sonojoy. (well, that’s how we know him on the board anyhow ;) ) This is his personal jewelry site, and this is his Etsy shop.

He does some of the most fantastic work I’ve seen.If you are a member of our Forum, you may have already seen some of this beautiful creations.

Anyhow, that’s just a  bit of a site update.

Love to you all,