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Something New
08-16-2015, 09:39 AM
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Something New
Hey all!

I noticed this place was slowing down recently, so I figured I share something I've been reading about recently. Has anybody here heard of Yiguandao?


It looks like some sort of Buddhist/Daoist sect that developed in the last century, but if you trace it back further, it's more relevant to what we're all here for. Apparently, they adopted a bunch of theology from Gnosticism via Manichaeanism. Something to do with being descended from the White Lotus Society (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Lotus). Apparently they worship a sort of monistic-pantheistic principle called "Wusheng Laomu", or "Unborn Ancient Mother" (also "Wuji Laomu" "Limitless Ancient Mother"). Humanity, apparently, were her heavenly children, but we all forgot and got stuck in Samsara as a result. Worrying about us, she sent Dipankara Buddha, Gautama Buddha, and will send Maitreya Buddha in order to guide us back to her womb. Wusheng Laomu is also sometimes described as masculine or genderless.

They're not entirely the same as Gnostics; Yiguandao is more devotional than experiential in a lot of respects, but the similarities in theology are remaarkable. I thought that, like me, they might speak to some folks here.

I thought since we rarely discuss East Asian traditions on here, it might be interesting to note one that often gets overlooked in the West. There are days when I would consider myself White Lotus too! Big Grin


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