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What has happened to Gnosticism?
05-16-2015, 01:44 AM
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What has happened to Gnosticism?
And where are the people... there was such fervor and action, discussion and arguing, so much of so much....
What happened to Gnosticism?
Is it still an active thing?
A part of people's lives?
Or has it slid off again into nothing?
Where is everyone at?

05-16-2015, 04:44 PM
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RE: What has happened to Gnosticism?
Sometimes I wonder the same thing, as forums like this are definitely a lot quieter than than they once were, even just a couple of years ago. That said, I don't think Gnosticism is dying or disappearing, I think people may just be going in different avenues, I think some might be exploring off line Churches which can only be a good thing (as it strengthens Gnosticism in the physical world), some might still follow a Gnostic Path, but they choose to supplement it with mainstream traditions, which is pretty much what the ancient Gnostics did (they attended the same Churches as the more Orthodox inclined, then would get together in private study groups to go further).

That said, I'd love to see more traffic this way, but, perhaps being online is, in a way, a diversion from the path of Gnosis.

06-15-2015, 08:52 PM
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RE: What has happened to Gnosticism?
hey folks, just dropping by to say hi and see what the gnostic community is up to.

as for myself and where i am spiritually at the moment, i no longer see myself as "gnostic".
a while ago i had a revelation while meditating upon various versus in the Corpus Hermeticum, the Enneads, the Gospel of John and the Epistle to the Hebrews i came to the conclusion that the Gnostics were wrong about the nature of the demiurge, that Christ (the logos) was infact the demiurge and the demiurge is good.
as much as i believe in the importance of "Gnosis" in the Salvation process i kind of wonder if the "direct personal knowledge of the divine" which we peruse is the exact same thing as "knowing the Lord" and having "a personal relationship with jesus" that the charismatics go on about.
i also wonder if the gnostic sacrament of the bridal chamber is something similar to "the baptism of the holy spirit" that the charismatics go on about.
i am also becoming interested in the writings of the early church father and some orthodox theologians and i my view on the world is starting to come in line with catholic social teaching.
latlely i have been seriously thinking about returning to the catholic church.

in all i woundn't be surprised if i end up some sort of Hermetic-Neoplatonic Catholic.
this is one of the reasons i dont really hang around much any more.
07-06-2015, 05:53 PM
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RE: What has happened to Gnosticism?
Luke - i was going to say that indeed it does sound neoplatonic-ish - The nature of the demiurge. I have read in GNOSTICISM, JUDAISM, AND EGYPTIAN CHRISTIANITY by Birger Pearson that Christianity may have risen from Gnosticism which was a form of Hellenized Judaism - that originally Christianity was more more non literal and such.
I myself found little 'hmmm' moments for myself when studying the ancient texts found at Ras Shamra that explain more about the origins of our El in the bible and the Yahweh conflict.. Rather than there being angels that or demiurges that created a 'warped' version of the world, the bible simply has a combination of various origin stories that dont always gel because alot of it comes from the Canaanite polytheism that was practiced by many Israelites before they severed their ties from Canaan. Since the discovery of the ugartic texts at Ras Shamra, many ideas originally held as far as the origins of Israel etc have changed.
I too still believe in GNOSIS - and have had undeniable experiences that give me something to hold onto in the darkness... just not sure what role Gnosticism plays in it, unless it is the Hermetic Gnosticism variety.

07-07-2015, 01:56 PM
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RE: What has happened to Gnosticism?
Perhaps it's just the nature of Gnosis to be intensely personal to each individual, so for some, like Luke above, it might come through in more Hermetic Catholic terms, it'll manifest for you Shilo in a more Esoteric Christian/Wiccan/Pantheistic way, and for me, Gnosticism tends to reveal itself more in a mixture of Judaism/Buddhism/Pagan/Esoteric Christian/Magical way (a weird/interesting combination!).
07-10-2015, 08:13 PM
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RE: What has happened to Gnosticism?
@David - Judaism as well is big for me as well as Occult schools - which is where the Hermetism comes in I guess.. really there is such a wide variety of influences and mingling paths.
I do agree about it being a personal path by nature.


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