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Living Gnostic?
10-29-2016, 10:04 AM (This post was last modified: 10-29-2016 10:04 AM by algiz13.)
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RE: Living Gnostic?
I just came across this thread, and felt I had to respond.
I share many of the same experiences - was brought up a very lax Christian (Church of England), but came across paganism and Wicca in my pursuit of fantastical things. After leaving the Church I was more Atheist than anything else until I realised that there was a true religion behind Wicca and the other things I studied.
But, as many of you have stated, it all seemed a bit empty. It seemed as though I was making it up.
And then, the wonderful discovery. The aspects of spirituality and reality that had resonated all throughout my life were all part of an ancient tradition called Gnosis. But the thing is, I didn't just read the Gnostic story and have a sudden conversion. Snippets of the truth had been thrown in front of me all throughout my life.
They took all forms - movies, games, books all played a part as well as the more traditional spiritual texts. Even before I knew that Gnosticism was a thing, these stories and beliefs rang out in my soul as Truths.

This is what we forget when we try and label our belief system. Naming can be thought of as an act of separation. I think you are a gnostic if you are constantly searching for the Truth. The very fact that so many of us have held many different beliefs as we have grown shows this constant search. And you are a gnostic if you have every received Gnosis... that white hot ball of truth that explodes from the pit of your stomach and refuses to be ignored.

(Sorry that all got quite florid!)
11-07-2016, 01:04 PM
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RE: Living Gnostic?
Thanks for your response Algiz. I agree that really what we call Gnosticism comes via what can appear very ecclectic. A searching for truth is definitely at the front of what many of us are hoping to do, and for me also a union of the Inner and Outer.


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