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Full Version: A Merry Christmas Eve 2017
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I know it's been very quiet the past few months, if not longer, but, to anyone who still visits, I hope you are all having or will have a very Merry and Happy Christmas.

Have you got anything planned for Christmas Eve?

Whatever you have planned, I hope the Light of Gnosis/Child of Light is born within each of you.
Hi David ~ it has been quiet hasn't it?
Christmas was alright for me. I had wanted to go to the seasonal services at the local Orthodox church but snow kept me housebound.
I've partaken too heartily in liquid false cheer and have had to get back on the wagon. It's too easy to over indulge when feeling crappy and depressed.
Trying to see my body as a temple and I want to make it an appropriate dwelling place for God.
How about you David? How was your holiday season?
My Christmas was good but I always feel a bit down around now, when the decorations come down. One of the reasons I love Christmas is everything is brighter, lighter, and generally people are happier. Removing the decorations makes it seems just a bit more dull.
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