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Full Version: New Book out with April DeConick Article
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I would love to get my hands on this but it's about 170 Canadian - perhaps I'll start saving up. I really love her insight but so much of her written work is at university level and therefore at same sorts of costs. Meanwhile i have at least that dollar amount of books on my shelves that ive never read. Big Grin
Sounds very cool Shilo, I definitely want to get that but will have to wait till I save up a lot or win the lottery.

Also, her book 'The Gnostic New Age' is something I've been looking forward to coming out and it looks like this Sept it'll finally be ready. That I definitely want to read.

Like you I don't want to think about the amount of money I've spent and number of books I have on my shelves unread.

Yes! And that one MIGHT be less expensive if it's not aimed at universities. One of her Gospel of Thomas books w/commentary was very expensive but greatly desired by me. I need to find that one again and see if it's within my means now. I still love the Gospel of Thomas.
I know what you mean about the Gospel of Thomas, it's one of my favourites as well.

If you find out the name of that book, can you let me know, so I can look it up as well?.

This is the one I quite wanted (not as expensive as i remembered)

It apparently goes along with
I'd love to get that too, her other book 'Histories of the Hidden God' also sounds very good as well, but, right now, I need to hold back from buying more books - I have too many I've brought and haven't read yet, and it gets expensive buying every book I want.
So, did you kids end up reading "The Gnostic New Age"? If so, what did you think? I thought it was a bit of a relief to read some serious academic work in this field that was presented in a popular format. It's generated some conversation amongst my friends and I've personally gotten interested in vowel chants because of this work.
I've got the book, but, haven't actually read it yet, it's my quite big to read pile, but, I definitely can't wait too.
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