Well, Spiral Inward forums are having some issues, so the version is being upgraded (thank you Smithers! from Quacktacular)
Though the timing was good. Lately I have felt discouraged looking at the way some of these conversations seem to go.
I just don’t get it.
Labels, definitions etc. Who were the Gnostics? Who ARE the Gnostics? Gnosticism and New-Agers, Dualism… I mean heck, they are good topics but it’s easy to see how deeply people cling to their false self. Ideas are challenged and egos panic.
What about the core sense of WHAT WE ARE?
Heck people.
Seeking Gnosis. Seeking deep inner knowing of God.
We are all so very different, is it not likely that we are all going to have our own relationship with God? Our own knowing?
Why does person A care so much what person B thinks? I mean, concern, interest, sure. But these battles are not based on those two things.
They are based on a need to be RIGHT.
They are based on a need to show someone else as being uninformed and stupid.
It’s sickening.
I sit here often and think about whether or not to keep the board up and running.
However I know that for all the Big Personalities on the board, there are numerous other little voices that are just Seekers. Like me.
And this board is for them.

2 thoughts on “Mundane”

  1. Virtually any forum on the web has issues such as these regardless of the subject matter being talked about. While it would be nice if everyone just got along, the reality is it’s just not going to happen. Some people it seems have still yet to learn not to take debate, disagreement or divrigent points of view as a personal attack, nor have they learned not to respond with personal attacks of their own. You of course would hope perhaps even expect that the folks here would be above such things, but we’re all human and as such subject to the occasional less then laudable behaviour.

    Your board provides a valuable meeting place despite the occasional unpleasant issue or two. Be patient, don’t despair and deal with the situations that you feel have to be dealt with. The rest will attend to itself.

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