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We are pleased to announce Miguel( Abraxas) , host of Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio show as a new member on the board. Please check out his site .

“Still the first and only ever weekly radio show on Gnosticism, Ancient Religion and the Occult. An approachable, comprehensive, and affable discussion about the impact of the world’s favorite yet least known Heretics, The Gnostics, and their Brethren in the Esoterica”

These past few weeks have been busy at Spiral Inward’s Cafe. Our site was down for a frighteningly long time, just about the same time that we received many new members. I am sad to say that The Palm Tree Garden Forum has closed down, and although we are thrilled to have so many new people at the Cafe with us, we are sad to see it go. The Palm Tree Garden housed a wealth of information. Best wishes to everyone involved with the PTG who made  it the fantastic board that it was.

I also want to share the link to the site of a fantastic artisan, Sonojoy. (well, that’s how we know him on the board anyhow ;) ) This is his personal jewelry site, and this is his Etsy shop.

He does some of the most fantastic work I’ve seen.If you are a member of our Forum, you may have already seen some of this beautiful creations.

Anyhow, that’s just a  bit of a site update.

Love to you all,


One thought on “New at Spiral Inward’s Gnostic Cafe”

  1. Hello everyone:

    Elena asked me to say something about myself, as much or as little as I like. Well, I’ll try to say much, in as few words as possible.

    I am a retired farmer, mystic, hobby writer, and self-supportive homesteader and gardener near Lumby, B.C. I also am a member of the United Church and have been posting on the United Church website for over two years.

    A little over a year ago, as a Christmas gift to the wondercafe community, I wrote a booklet entitled “The Awakening – A letter-guided Quest for mystical experience” This booklet can be read on or downloaded from my website.

    Since my early twenties–which is now almost 50 years ago–I have been interested in the Knights Templar. In the area where I grew up (southern Germany) I heard a local legend about a “Templar Hole.” Some people knew approximately where it might be. My brother and I looked for it, and found and partially excavated it. It was a two-room hand-hewn cave, with one room appearantly used as a chapel and the other for living quarters. (The Templars are known to have excavated such underground meditation retreats and refuges.)

    Anyway, the Templars, who appearantly were Christian Gnostics, have been ghosting around in my head for most of my life. After I retired from farming, I sat down and wrote a Templar novel entitled “Non nobis, Domine.” I wrote it in both, German and English, had the German version published in Germany in 2004, but the English version has been sitting with my Canadian agent for two-and-a-half years now–without success. I’ll probably publish it as an e-book on my website.

    I am very active at our local Lumby United Church. I’ll conduct the service there this Sunday, Feb. 21st, and will post my sermon on

    Looking forward to getting to know you all here on the Gnostic Cafe,

    In Unitive Love,


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