This site is for those who are on a path seeking Gnosis, and who are interested in the Gnostic texts, discussion and related Esoteric conversations.

Through creating this site, we hope that those who are seeking can find some useful information , and  those who have walked this path a bit longer may offer input and some friendly insight. Regardless of our place along this journey, whether it be at the starting gate or well ventured, this site is  to be a place to discuss, study, learn and share.

Someone will always have more knowledge than someone else, and people will often have differing opinions on which way is the ‘true’ way. However, everyone’s path to Gnosis is individual. What holds true for one will not necessarily be the same for another. The great message bringers of past were filled with Inspiration – literally ‘in-spirit’ – and in that state of being, in Gnosis, they found great truths that we contemplate today.

This is an inward journey. Spiraling down within ourselves to the core of our essence, that Divine Spark that connects us with one another, and is the  light of our True Being.

Please join us for discussion at our forum, the Spiral Inward’s Gnostic Cafe . Please keep in mind that the nature of the forum is one of encouragement and is NOT a place for trolling, personal attacks or hatred.